Collaboration instead of Competition hostwriter + oikomedia

Collaboration instead of Competition: hostwriter + oikomedia

Cuts to budgets across all media outlets make journalist’s lives worldwide more difficult. This is happening at a time when cross-border reporting in the EU is vitally important. In the strong belief that collaborative journalism creates better stories, the non-profit platforms hostwriter and oikomedia join forces: collaboration instead of competition.
  1. Democracy & Open society
  2. Freedom of expression
  3. Organisational development
  4. Athens
  5. Hamburg
  6. Digital
  7. Media
  8. Photography
  9. Audiovisual documentation
  10. Co-creation
  11. Knowledge exchange
  12. Story-telling
  13. Workshop
  14. Video (process documentary)
  15. Workshop

Elina Makri


Athens, Greece

Oikomedia is a professional social network for media professionals across the planet. The platform helps media professionals exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.

Tabea Grzeszyk


Berlin, Germany

Hostwriter is a global network for journalists, documentary filmmakers and journalism students. Our aim is to connect colleagues all over the world. Members become part of a network that enables them to easily search, find and collaborate with fellow media professionals. Since our launch in May 2014, more than 2.400 colleagues from 115 countries have joined.

The connection

"Collaboration instead of Competition: hostwriter + oikomedia": a connection between Athens (Greece) & Berlin (Germany)

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