PlayGround Elefsina Pilot. Photo by Constanze Flamme.


PlayGround is an interactive and participant-led project for play, performance and learning. PlayGround invites a group of people from across the school community to build a playful environment together. PlayGround consists of a toolkit and a workshop.
  1. Education (formal & non-formal)
  2. Youth & Children
  3. London
  4. Maastricht
  5. Architecture
  6. Education
  7. Theatre
  8. Youth
  9. Audiovisual documentation
  10. Co-creation
  11. Workshop
  12. Toolkit
  13. Workshop

Breg Horemans


Maastricht, The Netherlands

Lydia Ashman

Bow Arts

London, United Kingdom

Our mission is to support community renewal in East London by delivering Arts and Creative Services through our financially sustainable social enterprise model.

The connection

"PlayGround": a connection between Maastricht (The Netherlands) & London (United Kingdom)

The process

Shared stories