Accelerator Tandem – Program for Innovators in Entrepreneurship

The “Accelerator in Tandem” project will develop an entrepreneurial startup incubator/accelerator model that can be applied to various medium-sized cities and the communities. This prototype can be reiterated, modified and/or improved, with youth and for the youth, in order to become a sustainable/continuous endeavour when applied.
  1. Community development
  2. Creative economy
  3. Cross-sector collaboration
  4. Employability
  5. New Business Models
  6. Organisational development
  7. Crafts
  8. Design
  9. Education
  10. Performance
  11. Public Space
  12. Talent development
  13. Youth

Giorgia Floro

La Capagrossa Coworking

Ruvo di Puglia, Italy

Anes Husanovic

TUZLA LIVE Association

Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The connection

"Accelerator Tandem - Program for Innovators in Entrepreneurship": a connection between Ruvo di Puglia (Italy) & Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovina)