Babel Cabaret

We formed a laboratory about mutual interest and the meaning of contemporary art, particularly performance based practices. During the last step of the Tandem project in Chisinau all the Tandem participants as well as other art initiatives and independent art institutions from Moldova set up the first version of a performative event, with workshops and rehearsals. For long term collaboration the project team established a format of art residencies, developed by both organisations in order to create continuity of artistic exchange and collaboration between these two countries, which will permit to artists and curators to develop and realise site-spe- cific projects.
  1. Chisinau
  2. Rennes
  3. Knowledge exchange

Alain Hélou

Les Ateliers du Vent

Rennes, France

Lilia Dragneva

KSAK Center for Contemporary Art

Chisinau, Moldova

The connection

"Babel Cabaret": a connection between Rennes (France) & Chisinau (Moldova)