Our partnership project extends from Tunisia to Morocco, in a trip to exchange experiences and cooperation in the field of cinema, where the beneficiaries of the program will experience the training journey in the field of cinema and the production of two short movies.
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  2. Education
  3. Organizational development
  4. Film & Cinema
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  6. Visual arts

Yassin Brahim

Association Message D’art

Oujda, Morocco

Association Message D’art pour de développement et la créativité was created in 2014 by young art enthusiasts, our field of work was therefore to supervise the youth of the city and the region in the audiovisual field. The year 2020 our festival ends its Sixth Edition with an international theme with a budget of around 150,000 dollars, and we have created an academy for content creation funded by the European Union with an annual grant of 30,000 dollars, and in 2020, we created a joint FOCUS LAB Coworking work center to support content creators and steer them towards social enterprise.

Wafai Amine Nabaoui

Centre culturel majestic

Bizerte, Tunisia

The cultural center ElMajestic was established in 2015. With the goal of founding a real cultural activities in the civil environment.Its main role is making art accessible for youth society. And to contribute to creating the opportunity for For young people to promote their artistic capacities and capabilities. Besides being dedicated to young creative people through its clubs and multiple workshops, our cultural center has chosen to get into the cultural initiative map which is with making everyone capable to participate in cultural work.

The connection

"Cine'Tandem": a connection between Oujda (Morocco) & Bizerte (Tunisia)

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