Tunisia : Taste of passion

Yassin Brahim from Association Message D’art in Oujda, Morocco, shares his thoughts about his experience in Tandem.

Every project starts with an idea, but our project started with a dream that continued eight years ago

The dream is to share with young people from the city the passion for the arts and the love of cinema, images, and colors.
We were able to make this dream a reality having achieved success in our city and country, but what we did not expect is that we will end the year 2021 and that we have reached the borders of Morocco to reach young people in different countries.

During my trip to Tunisia, I never expected to fall in love with this country.
It was an opportunity to discover the cultural extension of Morocco, which was done decades ago and made the particularity of North Africa in its details.
The opportunity for exchange that we had did not concern cultural and artistic aspects, but also spiritual aspects.

The stories of the people we meet are the experience

I will never forget those first moments of arrival, as well as the first faces that I met and the first impressions I formed, which are truly special.
And I will never forget that spicy taste in almost every meal.
Without neglecting the warm welcome of our partners and their welcome to our regard and the common work for the project to be a success and to do it based on respect.
I made sure to document all trip details so that I could make a simple documentary film of the trip, which reflects my feelings during this time.
I hope that whatever I couldn’t in words, I can communicate in pictures.
In the end, I learned that preprints aren’t always correct.
On the contrary, a person must travel and live among people for the picture and the truth to be complete.