Elena and Flora

CO-WARMING Prevention of mental freezing state in work communities.

The unconventional partnership between a project based performing arts collective, Ziggurat Project and a social enterprise with 163 contracted workers, Larius aims to exchange our diverse expertise and develop a sustainable method that helps in preventing BurnOut Syndrome and raising awareness of mental health issues in the work environment.
  1. Cross-sector collaboration
  2. Health
  3. Organisational development
  4. Contemporary arts
  5. Design

Elena Giunta

LARIUS Società Cooperativa Sociale

Colico, Italy

Flora Eszter Sarlos


Budapest, Hungary

Ziggurat Project is an independent, interdisciplinary art collective connecting contemporary dance to other fields of art. Our main focus is to create site-specific or site-sensitive performances and socially conscious projects. The company is based in Budapest, Hungary, but working internationally. Legal representative: Platform Cultural Association.


The connection

"CO-WARMING Prevention of mental freezing state in work communities.": a connection between Colico (Italy) & Budapest (Hungary)

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