DETOUR consisted of two workshops, taking place in Downtown Cairo in 2014. The workshops aimed at raising questions about the interaction with public space in Cairo in general and especially after the revolution. The participating artists from Egypt and Germany performed different research and artistic activities in Downtown which encouraged other artists, participants and inhabitants alike to actively engage with their urban environment and helped foster a sustainable dialogue about the use of public space and urban development.
  1. Community development
  2. Sustainability
  3. Urban development
  4. Bonn
  5. Cairo
  6. Contemporary arts
  7. Public Space
  8. Visual arts
  9. Research
  10. Workshop
  11. Exhibition
  12. Online (platform)

Tasja Langenbach


Bonn, Germany

Amado Al-Fadni

Nabta Center for Art and Culture

Cairo, Egypt

The connection

"Detour": a connection between Bonn (Germany) & Cairo (Egypt)