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Palimpsests of Space: Reconstruction

Palimpsests of Space: Reconstruction is a story in the form of a site-specific performance, inspired by Josef Štefan Kubín’s fairytale Vela. Its narrative explores cultural stereotypes and archetypes, femininity and masculinity, identity, taboo, transgression, a need for freedom, and the cruelty of human nature. The cyclic nature of certain events and phantasms of birth and death, presented in the form of a Slavic folk tale suffused with demonic elements, are the jumping-off point for reflecting on the contemporary identity and responsibility of human beings. By contrast and analogy, they inspire reflection on Europe’s present geopolitical landscape that is programmed, distorted and made unreal by the mass media. The performance is a co-production of Studio Matejka performers, Polish-Czech group Pejzaże Pogranicza (Borderland Landscapes) and the Izmir-based collective Budalasultan.
  1. Participation & Active citizenship
  2. Public space
  3. Urban development
  4. Izmir
  5. Wroclaw
  6. Community arts
  7. Contemporary arts
  8. Dance
  9. Film & Cinema
  10. Literature
  11. Music
  12. Performance
  13. Physical Theatre
  14. Story-telling
  15. Visual arts
  16. Audiovisual documentation
  17. Co-creation
  18. Performance
  19. Story-telling

Agnieszka Cwielag

Studio Matejka Foundation

Wroclaw, Poland

Şafak Ersözlü


İzmir, Turkey

Budalasultan is a performance collective established by Safak Ersozlu and Bahar Nihal Ersozlu in İstanbul in 2012. The initiative develops projects according to unique needs with an interdisciplinary methodology. Company seeks to cross beyond the limits of reason in the conceptional background of its works and challenges the common view of reality.

The connection

"Palimpsests of Space: Reconstruction": a connection between Wroclaw (Poland) & İzmir (Turkey)

The process

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