We question borders We invent borders We overcome borders We use borders We control borders We are DISBORDER PRODUCTIONS A combination of DIS/ORDER (Architects, Sweden) and BLUESPOTS PRODUCTIONS (Theater, Germany). Uniting the methods of art, architecture, and performance, we want to make a statement for our generation and for Europe. T H E U T O P I A N Z O N E In the beginning of August, we will invent an utopian playground for the peace festival in Augsburg. 5.8. - 8.8.18
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  1. Cross-sector collaboration
  2. cultural exchange
  3. Democracy & Open society
  4. Public space
  5. Augsburg
  6. Malmö
  7. Architecture
  8. Performance
  9. Video

Johanna Bratel


Malmö, Sweden

Leonie Pichler

BLUESPOTS Productions

Augsburg, Germany

The connection

"DISBORDER PRODUCTIONS": a connection between Malmö (Sweden) & Augsburg (Germany)

The process

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