FluxArt – artistic performance along Dniepr & Rhine

The FluxArt project involved three phases which ended up in a common interdisciplinary artistic performance by young German & Ukrainian artists. The inspiration behind the art was to link the question of our identity to the metaphor of the river. On stage, artists found a way to create a new common river out of the Rhine and the Dniepr rivers. The first phase involved the collection of ideas. Each of the partners initiated an artis­ tic process with young people in the participatory countries (Germany/Ukrai ne).The facebook group «FluxArt performance along Dnipro & Rhine» allowed the young participants to exchange their ideas. In each country, two talented young artists and three professional artists from the theatres analyzed the material and used it to create a performance (second phase) under the guidance of a stage director. The German group traveled to Kremenchuk in Ukraine, where the artistic results were exchanged and discussed. The incorporation of all works into one big performance took place during the third phase. Date of premiere: 14th of April 2012
  1. Global & Local
  2. Identity
  3. Youth & Children
  4. Kremenchuk
  5. Offenburg
  6. Performance
  7. Public Space
  8. Visual arts
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Jennifer Rottstegge

BAAL novo

Offenburg, Germany

Juliia Kuchevska

European Club Kremenchuk

Kremenchuk, Ukraine

The connection

"FluxArt - artistic performance along Dniepr & Rhine": a connection between Offenburg (Germany) & Kremenchuk (Ukraine)