FOLD YOUR WORLD – Personal freedom and political responsibility in Egypt and Germany

Growing up, exploring one's limits and freedom, making decisions in life needs to be a conscious, strong process. The workshop series and performance FOLD YOUR WORLD uses stories of young people in Germany and Egypt as a starting point to inspire youth audiences to be the agent of their fate.
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  1. Democracy & Open society
  2. Freedom of expression
  3. Participation & Active citizenship
  4. Origami
  5. Talent development
  6. Theatre
  7. Youth

Ossama Helmy

Arab Origami Center

Alexandria, Egypt

The AOCi was established in 2011 in order to spread the art of Origami,AOC strategy is based on the using of Origami for designing Artistic programs as storytelling, theater targeted community development programs, marginalized and those with special needs&enhances creativity, invention and freedom of expression and dialogue through various activities.

Lydia Ziemke

suite42 Berlin

Berlin, Germany

suite42 is a collective of international theatre practitioners and artists committed to work that engages with strong historical moments and with the effects of violence, war and migration on society and individuals. suite42 create theatre pieces and context programmes, since 2011 increasingly with artists from the near east and north african regions.

The connection

"FOLD YOUR WORLD - Personal freedom and political responsibility in Egypt and Germany": a connection between Alexandria (Egypt) & Berlin (Germany)

The process

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