Liesbeth & Katja 2

Community Music / Community building through music

Hillesluis - Wilhelmsburg – Two diverse disctricts in two Harbour cities: Rotterdam and Hamburg. The aim of both institutions is to deepen the relationships with and inbetween the neighbours of these districts and have them co-create their neighbourhoods. To do so, both institutions use music as a tool: The SKVR Brassband School is a good example for Community Music. 48h Wilhelmsburg is a good example to build communities through music. We brought them together. In June 2017 , the Brassband went to Hamburg to perform on 48H Wilhemsburg. Back in Rotterdam this might become the start of a festival in Hillesluis.
  1. Community development
  2. Diversity
  3. Migration
  4. Participation & Active citizenship
  5. Youth & Children
  6. Hamburg
  7. Rotterdam
  8. Community arts
  9. Festival
  10. Music
  11. Youth
  12. Co-creation
  13. Festival co-programming
  14. Knowledge exchange
  15. Workshop
  16. Concert
  17. Video (process documentary)

Katja Scheer

Stiftung Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg

Hamburg, Germany

Located in the centre of the Elbe Islands, south of Hamburg: 50.000 inhabitants from more than 130 nations live here, a quarter of them depending on government help. Following the slogan „Participate in actions, decisions and changes“ we realize our projects in close coop. with the target groups, using tespecially music, as one motor for community building

Liesbeth Eshuis


Rotterdam, Netherlands

The connection

"Community Music / Community building through music": a connection between Hamburg (Germany) & Rotterdam (Netherlands)