Adrian & Leendert 2

Place to Place

To learn about the relationship between an arts building and its local community through the eyes of strangers. A partnership and creative exchange project between Seacroft in Leeds and Zuilen in Utrecht.
  1. Community development
  2. Participation & Active citizenship
  3. Urban development
  4. Leeds
  5. Utrecht
  6. Architecture
  7. Community arts
  8. Youth

Leendert van Veldhuizen


Utrecht, Netherlands

Adrian Sinclair

Chapel FM/Heads Together Productions

Leeds, United Kingdom

Heads Together Productions is a community arts organisation that runs Chapel FM Arts Centre—the first-ever arts venue in East Leeds. Our vision is to be part of a community that has pride, vision and hope for the future Where people welcome and share new ideas and work together to take on the challenges of the area and make things happen.

The connection

"Place to Place": a connection between Utrecht (Netherlands) & Leeds (United Kingdom)

Shared stories