Anxious Borders

Anxious Borders is a project that gives voice to populations in “declining”, neglected urban areas. It comprised social science research workshops, artistic production of research results and exhibitions whose aim was to foster dialogue about pressing questions for local communities. Anxious Borders brought together ethical, engaged research with aesthetic practice. It brought a new perspective to the phenomenon of migration looking from/to the future to/from present. The project workshops took place in Mersin and Berlin.
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  1. Sustainability
  2. The commons
  3. Urban development
  4. Germany
  5. Mersin
  6. Architecture
  7. Contemporary arts
  8. Design
  9. Public Space
  10. Mapping
  11. Strategic planning
  12. Exhibition
  13. Publication

Duygu Kaban

Spacedigger e.V

Germany, Berlin

Tayfun Akdemir

Carbon Collective

Mersin, Turkey

The connection

"Anxious Borders": a connection between Germany (Berlin) & Mersin (Turkey)