Go with the Flow

At the centre of our collaboration is the facilitation of the creative child through meaningful arts education & practice.
  1. Education (formal & non-formal)
  2. European Capital of Culture
  3. Youth

Anne Graswinckel

KEK2 - Keunstwurk

Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Keunstwurk is an expertise consultancy center for cultural education, amateur & professional art Friesland. Keunstwurk provides advice, project and product development, a range of lessons and facility support. In this way we bring people, parties and organizations together and we create the conditions for a strong cultural infrastructure in Friesland.

Joanne Beirne

Branar Teatar do Phaisti

Galway, Ireland

The connection

"Go with the Flow": a connection between Leeuwarden (Netherlands) & Galway (Ireland)

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