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How To Keep Bouncing? Illustration by Studio vanbeek

How to keep bouncing?

On Thursday 18 March 2021, an online meetup took place for participants of the Tandem network. Arda van Tiggelen initiated...
Imaginary landscape near Bakony Hills, Veszprem region. Photo by Arda van Tiggelen

Getting your Hands Dirty: a Conversation with Arda van Tiggelen

In this conversation, Tandem Cultural Capitals alumni Arda van Tiggelen tells about her visit to Veszprem, Hungary in August 2020,...
Milda and Stanislav

On NeoOptimism in Kaunas

Stanislav Drča (Cultural Center LAB) joined our Tandem Cultural Capitals programme, and worked on Reciprocal Residency Program with Milda Šarpnickytė...


After Guido Bosua and Ivona Miloš met at the end of 2017 during the Tandem Fryslân programme (Ivona as participant...
Opening ceremony of Bram Kuypers’ exhibition at VHDG. Photo by Arda Van Tiggelen

An Exploration of Leeuwarden

Archaeologist Tamás Péterváry works for the Laczko Dezso Museum for heritage in Veszprem and visited curator Arda van Tiggelen from...
Photo by Marlène Kreins

Discovering Novi Sad

Tandem Cultural Capitals participant Marlène Kreins (Centre Culturel Régional Dudelange Opderschmelz) went to visit her Tandem partner Katarina Dajč (Udruženje...
Photo by Anne Graswinckel

Go with the Galway Flow

Anne Graswinckel (KEK2 - Keunstwurk, Leeuwarden) and Joanne Beirne (Branar Teatar do Phaisti, Galway) are focusing their Tandem collaboration on...
Visiting the National Theater of Novi Sad. Photo by Giovanni Zazzera

Discovering the Beauty of Novi Sad

Tandem Cultural Capitals participants Milana Kvas (The Pavel Beljanski museum) and Rhiannon Morgan & Giovanni Zazzera (Lucoda) were in Novi...
In the hall where the Final Concert took place

Make Inclusion Your Goal

Daiva Vaišnorienė (Kūrybos ir užimtumo STUBA), Ratka Višnić (Otvoreno kazalište Omišalj) and Margot Hoiting (City Proms | Stichting EMBRACE Nederland)...
Photo by Vincent Adelus

Indian summer in Kaunas

At the beginning of 2017, Kaunas was awarded the title of the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) for 2022. Together...
Photo by Katarina Dajč

Spaceformers in Luxembourg

Katarina Dajč (Udruženje Scenatoria) went to visit her Tandem partner Marlène Kreins (Centre Culturel Régional Dudelange Opderschmelz) in Luxembourg as...

Cultural awareness in your own environment

  • Anne Graswinckel KEK2 - Keunstwurk
  • Joanne Beirne Branar Teatar do Phaisti
Milda and Stanislav

Reciprocal Residency Program

  • Milda Šarpnickytė Kauno menininkų namai
  • Stanislav Drča Cultural Center LAB
We The Vikings exhibition.

Pancakes and Possibility

Róisín Stack (Theatre57) and Henk Rigter (Mooiedingenmakers) are working on Creative Mapping as part of their participation in our Tandem...


  • Léonie Dijkema Fries Straat Festival
  • Viktória Szántó Kabóca Puppet Theatre