Green & Grey

We wish to explore the connections and the differences between our cities. The pollution of Eleusis and the greenness of Leeuwarden. Explored through a three-legged project: 1) Cultural Project 'Where is the OdySea?' - focusing on the environmental issue in Eleusis | 2) International Conference - focusing on reusing industrial heritage. | 3) City2City knowledge exchange.
  1. Environment
  2. European Capital of Culture
  3. Intercultural dialogue
  4. Heritage
  5. Performance
  6. Public Space

Yannis Pappas


Eleusis, Greece

Claudia Woolgar

Brave New World Producties

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

The connection

"Green & Grey": a connection between Eleusis (Greece) & Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

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