Hidden Connections

"Hidden Connections" aims at discovering traditional music both Eastern Europe and the Levant that share periods of their history. Through our collaboration, we are approaching the archival material as an organic creative tool that can be a medium of communication and interaction between cultures and disciplines which we will present.
  1. Cross-sector collaboration
  2. Diversity
  3. Rural development
  4. Heritage
  5. Music
  6. Performance

Areej Abou Harb


Beirut, Lebanon

me'zaf is a musical cultural initiative that was launched in Beirut in 2015. Our main focus is the authentic music of the Levant and the world, trying to create research projects and musical activities that can reintegrate this music in our current scene, not as a museum product, but as a contemporary creation tool.

Tímea Szőke

Pro Progressione

Budapest, Hungary

Pro Progressione is an independent organisation, working towards the creation and support of an open and diverse culture. Pro Progressione is a bridge between different disciplines, artists and actors of cultural life, both on a national and international level.

The connection

"Hidden Connections": a connection between Beirut (Lebanon) & Budapest (Hungary)