'Home' –an art project featuring lens based artists, focused on the forced migration and population exchanges between Turkey and Greece and documented the memory of this experience through artistic expression, archives, research and stories. Turkish and Greek photographers were invited to participate in a workshop focusing on visual storytelling and editing and to reflect on the idea of 'Home' in Greece or Turkey and find (or not) “home” in both countries. The idea of home was open to interpretation: home as memory; home as feeling; home as a common tradition, language, and mentality. The project resulted in an exhibition and a photobook.
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  1. Heritage & Memory
  2. Identity
  3. Migration
  4. Ankara
  5. Ioannina
  6. Photography
  7. Story-telling

Photini Papahatzi


Kastrosekia, Greece


Nazlı Deniz Oğuk Karakütük

Ka Atelier

Ankara, Turkey

The connection

"Home": a connection between Kastrosekia (Greece) & Ankara (Turkey)