Hotel Transit: Homes on the move

Hotel Transit creates a new open-source model building on the resilience of urban communities on the move, while serving as powerful tool to influence advocacy by“humanizing” and “empathizing” policies and decision-making processes directed at migrants and people in transit. It suggests new ways of experiencing human-centered data.
  1. Migration
  2. Participation & Active citizenship
  3. Palaio Faliro, Athens
  4. Sofia
  5. Community arts
  6. Performance
  7. Public Space

Matina Magkou

Ohi Pezoume NPO - UrbanDig Project

Athens, Greece

UrbanDig is is a not for profit platform, created by OhiPezoume Performing Arts Company and its partners. It focuses on the interaction between audience engagement and innovative city mapping practices which serve as foundation for building urban site-specific performances on the streets and the public spaces.

Yanina Taneva

Ideas Factory Association

Sofia, Bulgaria

Ideas factory is passionately searching for interdisciplinary innovative solutions to burning social challenges trough the means of creativity, arts and social innovations.Our flagship initiatives & what we really do: *Granny residence - a residential program in depopulating villages * Social innovation challenge * EMPATHEAST: empathy driven change forum

The connection

"Hotel Transit: Homes on the move": a connection between Athens (Greece) & Sofia (Bulgaria)

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