Inhabiting Spaces

Inhabiting Spaces explores the relationship between the movement of the human body and architecture using visual arts as the connecting path between both disciplines, as well as a means for documenting the process. Two different approaches to this concept were created - one in Riga, one in Alexandria - where the local architects Toms Kokins (LV) and Sherif Farag (EG) worked together with video artist Linda Konone (LV) and choreographer Mohamed Fouad (EG).
  1. The commons
  2. Urban development
  3. Alexandria
  4. Riga
  5. Dance
  6. Public Space
  7. Performance
  8. Research
  9. Film

Hatem Hassan

Centre Rézodanse -Égypte

Alexandria, Egypt

The connection

"Inhabiting Spaces": a connection between Riga (Latvia) & Alexandria (Egypt)

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