Tandem Shaml 2012-2013 (4)
Tandem Shaml Final meeting in Berlin, 2013. Photo by Samuel Kalika.

Tandem Shaml 2012-13

In the summer of 2012, the Tandem Shaml pilot programme for cultural exchange between Europe and the Arab-Mediterranean region was launched. This programme round included 12 participants from Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Turkey and the Netherlands and provided the opportunity for cultural professionals’ long-term cooperation and knowledge development. It was also a unique opportunity to get a real insight into the rapidly-changing Arab cultural scene now emerging.

Participants share their thoughts about Tandem Shaml and their co-productions with you. Dive in and get an overview...

Follow two Tandems

Realising a Tandem Shaml project marks the start of a long-term partnership between cultural changemakers. Hatem Hassan from Alexandria, Egypt described the project he and Inga Lace from Vilnus worked on in this short interview.
Over the period of nine months they worked together and researched the relationship with movement, space and performance, with architect Toms Kokins, artist Linda Konone and choreographer Muhamed Fouad.
Expolore their interventions in public spaces here: XXX (link).

Alongside the installations and films on show at the final event in Berlin, one Tandem presented their theatre piece developed over the Tandem period, based on the experiences of participants Mudar El Hejji in Damascus in Syria. It was created by gathering the stories of residents in Damascus and was performed throughout the ZKU-Berlin space. Tandem participant, Stella Cristoflini tells us more. (with apologies for the poor sound quality in the first part of the interview.)

Final event in Berlin

For two days, the Center for Arts and Urbanistics (ZK/U), an old freight station in Moabit, was transformed into a lively hub for the exchange of ideas and art from the Arab World and Europe. After a year of collaboration and working together, Arabic and European cultural managers presented their co-productions in Berlin at ZK/U. Tandem Shaml celebrated a sucessfull year with local visitors and particpants from over ten countries in Europe and the Arab region.

Exhibitions, performances and short films were presented. Workshops and discussions invited to participate activly. Syrian food and music from Dury de Bagh & Co., Jazar Crew and Djanes from Cairo and Berlin conluded the celebration.
The video below shows the perfomrance of the Tandem project Now T_here at ZK/U in Berlin. Dealing with the current situation in Syria the project digs into genuine everyday life experiences under the conditions of war.
Find also a picture gallery of the final meeting and event in Berlin at flickr.