Tandem Europe Kick Off Leipzig, Photo by Constanze Flamme
Tandem Europe Kick Off Leipzig, Photo by Constanze Flamme

Hatem Hassan Salama

Meet Hatem, Tandem programme adviser.

I have 20 years of experience in the cultural field in Egypt and on the international scene. I’ve implemented several projects as a project manager, curator, trainer, and theatre director. I hold a BA in Theatre studies, and have followed a programme in cultural management with the Goethe Institut.

Since 2014, I work in Berlin with the Tandem team, I was the project manager for the Tandem Shaml programme, then for Tandem Europe programme with cultural operators from different countries, focusing on the process of collaboration. I contributed to the content of the programme through mentorship and offered support for the participants. At the moment I work with the Tandem team as a programme adviser, I offer support with methods, concepts, developing new Tandem programmes and advocacy.

Working with new people all the time was the main dream
I see Culture as a main pillar for communities and at the same time as a cross beam connecting all the other pillars. Putting culture in the centre of social structure and strengthening culture is the way to peaceful thriving societies!

To me, “Culture without borders” happens between societies, sectors, disciplines, countries, etc! It is like having the key to every door you encounter during your journey!

Hatem at C&P Interim Meeting 2017 in Leeds, Photo by Guido Bousa