InterLAB: Cairo-Dresden

During this first InterLAB: Cairo- Dresden edition, emerging media artists and computer scientists from Germany and Egypt got their hands on new technologies and created playful alternatives to „usual“ tools of communication and collective creativity. InterLAB aims to be a virtual and temporary physical open space for young creatives from all over the world who want to create border-crossing projects going beyond usual cooperations.
  1. Global & Local
  2. Identity
  3. Open data
  4. Technology
  5. Cairo
  6. Dresden
  7. Digital
  8. Workshop
  9. Exhibition

Joanna Szlauderbach

Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau

Dresden, Germany

Diyaa Hamed

Medrar for Contemporary Art

Cairo, Egypt

The connection

"InterLAB: Cairo-Dresden": a connection between Dresden (Germany) & Cairo (Egypt)