A 10 day street theatre workshop was organized in SHELTER+ youth centre and in the streets of Krivyi Rih with 15 participants. Bringing together kids from different places and giving the workshop an extended cultural interchange dimension across international borders was the main aim of this street theatre workshop. It was lead by Craig Weston, director and street theatre performer from Belgium and Goro Osojnik, performer and artistic leader from Slovenia. The workshop ended with a series of short street theatre performances for the people of Krivyi Rih. Interventions combined the work of young filmmakers, photographers, internet designers and editors.
  1. Youth & Children
  2. Krivvy Rih
  3. Ljubljana
  4. Public Space
  5. Street art
  6. Theatre
  7. Workshop
  8. Performance

Goro Osojnik

Ana Monro Theater

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Juliy Morozov


Krivvy Rih, Ukraine

The connection

"iShut": a connection between Ljubljana (Slovenia) & Krivvy Rih (Ukraine)