The play is based on the notion of «Kommunalka» - a communal apartment, introduced in the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917,as a product of the «new collective vision of the future» and as a response to the housing crisis in urban areas. Kommunalka also stands for the idea of a community; a com­ munity with individuals from diverse backgrounds, who usually don't have much in common. Our idea is to create art for a community and together with the-community, discuss and share our experience to learn from one another. The Kommunalka collaborative theatre-performance project is produced according to the methodology developed in the frame of Bürgerbühne (Citizens' Stage). Together with Schauspielhaus Dresden the work is focused on a production concerning the marginalized communities in our society. The entire work process, exchange of experience and knowledge is not only limited to the artistic approach level but also concerns the civil attitude and the personal experience of the members of both institutions.
  1. Chisinau
  2. Dresden
  3. Theatre
  4. Artist in Residence
  5. Playwriting

Nicoleta Esinencu

German Cultural Centre ACCENTE

Chisinau, Moldova

Christof Belka

Dresden State Theatre

Dresden, Germany

The connection

"Kommunalka": a connection between Chisinau (Moldova) & Dresden (Germany)