Letters Without Fronties

Two associations of writers will work together: two writers from Batman and one from Dortmund will exchange their views on home, history, geography, daily life. Some essential examples of each of their writings will be translated into the other's language and printed in a bilingual booklet. They’ll present their work and their views in reading and meetings in Batman and in next year’s lesArt. Festival in Dortmu nd (November 2012).
  1. Global & Local
  2. Identity
  3. Batman
  4. Dortmund
  5. Literature
  6. Story-telling
  7. Publication

Klauspeter SACHAU

Les.Art Festival

Dortmund, Germany


Batman Kültür Sanat Derneği

Batman, Turkey

The connection

"Letters Without Fronties": a connection between Dortmund (Germany) & Batman (Turkey)