Market Point

Market Point

Market Point is the title of an exhibition of visual art project based on residency program and research. The project implied the exchange of artists between Georgia and Egypt. It aimed to unite contemporary artists on a common topic: how the development of cities and their transformations influence traditions and culture. Our main focus was on street markets, their transformations through the surrounding developments of the city and their role in society. How are these changes influencing urban segments and life of neighborhoods / streets, in which the markets are located.
  1. Heritage & Memory
  2. Urban development
  3. Cairo
  4. Tbilisi
  5. Public Space
  6. Visual arts
  7. Artist in Residence
  8. Research
  9. Exhibition
  10. Performance

Sophia Lapiashvili


Tbilisi, Georgia

Hamdy Reda


Cairo, Egypt

The connection

"Market Point": a connection between Tbilisi (Georgia) & Cairo (Egypt)