Minor(ity) tales

Wood Tales

This Franco-Turkish cultural visual art partnership explored contemporary rural issues and created ties between artists and rural communities highlighting cultural activity in rural areas. The Alevi Woodcutter community villages and the Basque town of Hazparne became the site and the subject of the artistic process. Both organisations Ba Sarea and NomadMind, develop art projects mapping community dynamics and revealing social issues using various artistic processes. This cultural exchange between artists and cultural professionals created an exceptional opportunity for both to share experiences and exchange upon the use of community printmaking and other art forms as tools to give a voice to minority cultures and convey rapidly disappearing oral and visual traditions.
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  1. Discrimination
  2. Diversity
  3. Heritage & Memory
  4. Identity
  5. France
  6. Izmir
  7. Design
  8. Visual arts
  9. Story-telling
  10. Workshop

Alice Tucker

Baserriko Arte Sarea

France, Helette

Şadiye Çiçek Tezer


Izmir, Turkey

The connection

"Wood Tales": a connection between France (Helette) & Izmir (Turkey)