05 Bistra & Sara

New Roots: Migrants meet Communities through culture, agriculture and food

The aim of our project is to create a multi-cultural garden and festival in Milan where all the diversity can coexist in a place of participation. Culture will be used to activate a socio-cultural transformation and a reflective/participatory processes, empowering migrant communities as co-creators of a sustainable social innovation movement.
  1. Community development
  2. Migration/refugees
  3. Rural development
  4. Milan
  5. Sofia
  6. Community arts
  7. Education
  8. Festival
  9. Land art
  10. Public Space
  11. Artist in Residence
  12. Co-creation
  13. Story-telling
  14. Workshop
  15. Concert
  16. Performance
  17. Workshop

Bistra Ivanova

Multi Kulti Collective

Sofia, Bulgaria

Multi Kulti Collective has been working on community development, civic participation, solidarity, integration of migrants and refugees and human rights since 2011. It operates both on grass-root and policy level and develops its social enterprise. It is based in Sofia but in 2015 it grew to a social franchise in the 6 biggest Bulgarian cities.


Sara Filippelli


Milan, Italy

CasciNet is an Agrohub, a hybrid system made up of an association of over 1000 members + a Non Profit agricultural society that cultivates - in organic - more than 9 hectares of land, in Milan. CasciNet holds a thirty-year concession for Cascina Sant'Ambrogio, a historic building owned by Milan municipality -  with 13 projects that develop public services!


The connection

"New Roots: Migrants meet Communities through culture, agriculture and food": a connection between Sofia (Bulgaria) & Milan (Italy)

The process

Shared stories