OpenGround 2016 – A training workshop for artists and curators

OpenGround 2016 is the first pilot workshop in Greece focusing on the professional development of artists and curators aged 23-30. The first edition of OpenGround took place in Athens between October 31st and November 5th, 2016. During a five-day intensive workshop 21 participants from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom attended a series of seminars and lectures by international art professionals. The workshop concluded with a three-day spin-off AtWork Lab under the theme of “HEATWAVE” and followed by a presentation open to the public.
  1. Community development
  2. Cross-Sector
  3. cultural exchange
  4. Education (formal & non-formal)
  5. Empowerment
  6. Global & Local
  7. Athens
  8. Milan
  9. Community arts
  10. Contemporary arts
  11. Education
  12. Talent development
  13. Visual arts
  14. Audiovisual documentation
  15. Co-creation
  16. Discussion platform
  17. Education
  18. Interview
  19. Knowledge development

Myrto Katsimicha

State of Concept

Athens, Greece

State of Concept is the first non-profit gallery in Athens, Greece founded in 2013 by art critic and curator Iliana Fokianaki. Being a bridge between Athens and the international contemporary art scene it organises exhibitions talks, screenings and workshops for children and is operating as a space for free artist consultation.

Cristina Perillo

Fondazione lettera27 Onlus

Milan, Italy

lettera27 is a non-profit foundation created in July 2006. Its mission is to support the right to literacy and education, and to promote access to knowledge and information, with a specific focus on Africa and its diaspora. lettera27’s three principal areas of involvement are: Art and culture for social transformation Innovative education Sustainable culture

The connection

"OpenGround 2016 - A training workshop for artists and curators": a connection between Athens (Greece) & Milan (Italy)

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