Joy & Marlies 2

New ways of working with partners and target groups

Gallery Oldham and SMAAK will work together finding new ways of making relationships. Gallery Oldham will focus on learning to work with seniors, SMAAK wants to learn how to build up relationship with large art-institutions.
  1. Community development
  2. Elderly cititzens
  3. Organisational development
  4. Participation & Active citizenship
  5. Amersfoort
  6. Greater Manchester
  7. Community arts
  8. Contemporary arts
  9. Heritage

Marlies Juffermans


Amersfoort, Netherlands

Joy Thorpe

Gallery Oldham

Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

The connection

"New ways of working with partners and target groups": a connection between Amersfoort (Netherlands) & Greater Manchester (United Kingdom)

The process

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