S.O.F.T. Space

The project SOFT Space aims to create methods and tools in order to approach the topic of improving public spaces in Sustainable, Open, Free and Tandem way. It prioritizes the collaboration between youth organizations from Greece and North Macedonia and represents manifesto for future bilateral collaboration.
  1. Community development
  2. Environment
  3. Participation & Active citizenship
  4. Architecture
  5. Community arts
  6. Education

Panagiotis Sotiriou


Messolonghi, Greece

Sara Simoska


Skopje, North Macedonia

MELEEM Skopje is an organization that tends to identify, point out and reanimate essential public spaces that are forgotten by the citizens or the authorities. Our activities are based on a concept that prioritizes the inclusion of the community during the “making of” process. We believe that the process is equally, or even more important, than the result.

The connection

"S.O.F.T. Space": a connection between Messolonghi (Greece) & Skopje (North Macedonia)