Flyer Sanat Mixer / Kunst mixer

Sanat mixer/ Kunst mixer

In 2013 Kolaylaştırıcı Dernek (Bursa, Turkey) and Kunstbende (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) set up a youth exchange in which 18 youngsters from Bursa and the Netherlands participated. The youngsters worked with dancer Maaike Oldeboer, jazz musician Hüseyin Badıllı and director Tarkan Tarkan Köroğlu towards a multi disciplinairy play, which they performed in Amsterdam (NL), Sinop (TR) and Bursa (TR). In total the youngsters were on the road in the Netherlands and Turkey for twelve days. Watch the video for a short compilation of the project.
  1. cultural exchange
  2. Education
  3. Education (formal & non-formal)
  4. Identity
  5. Youth & Children
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Bursa
  8. Dance
  9. Education
  10. Music
  11. Performance
  12. Talent development
  13. Theatre
  14. Video
  15. Youth
  16. Co-creation
  17. Education
  18. Performance
  19. Talent development

Jenneken AARSSEN


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yusuf Orkun YAĞCI

Kolaylaştırıcı Dernek

Bursa, Turkey

The connection

"Sanat mixer/ Kunst mixer": a connection between Amsterdam (The Netherlands) & Bursa (Turkey)

The process