Spaces for shaping Social Attitudes

«Spaces as a Tool for Shaping Social Attitudes» is an interdisciplinary exploration of private and public space, exploring the mutual relations of the two. The title refers, on the one hand, to the political and ideological role of architecture and u rba n planning in monitoring the space to control the commu nity and to ensure power. On the other hand, it also refers to the possible ways in which citizens can creatively re-appropriate • the city, to promote social interrelation and experimentation. Somehow, the ambiguity that lies in the title re­ veals the conflicting nature of space, which constantly evolves according to the way it is used by a group of I people or individuals. The cooperation between four organisations has allowed a broad approach to this subject on three levels: artistic (artist in residency progra m), educational (workshop with a group of pu pils from the A. Scuisev Art School, conducted by teachers from the interdisciplinary Actions Studio, Katowice), and edi­ torial (publication of a special issue of the POSTBOX magazine).
  1. Heritage & Memory
  2. Urban development
  3. Youth & Children
  4. Chisinau
  5. Katowice
  6. Architecture
  7. Public Space
  8. Visual arts
  9. Knowledge exchange
  10. Exhibition
  11. Publication

Leslaw Tetla

Katowice Academy of Art

Katowice, Poland

Tatiana Fiodorova

A. Sciusev Art School

Chisinau, Moldova

The connection

"Spaces for shaping Social Attitudes": a connection between Katowice (Poland) & Chisinau (Moldova)