We wish to develop a cultural exchange between Galway and Leeuwarden, focusing on representations of minority languages in film. We will host a film festival that celebrates alternative languages from our communities. Galway is a bilingual city with English and Irish, and Leeuwarden is the capital of Friesland, a region in which both Dutch and Frisian are spoken. The first festival will be a celebration and cross-pollination of these linguistic traditions through the medium of film.
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Dorrit Jorritsma

Nachtkijkers Filmfestival

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Eoin Butler Thornton

Galway Film Centre

Galway, Ireland

Joris Hoebe

New Noardic Wave

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

The connection

"Speak-Up": a connection between Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) & Galway (Ireland) & Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

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