“StormSongs” collected stories about how one Cornish community defended and rebuild their harbour during big storms in 2013-2014. Working with a Cornish and Dutch composer a community choir translated these experiences into contemporary sea shanties that expressed their relationship to the sea. The project started a dialogue about how communities can adapt to extreme weather events and explored how creative responses such as music and theatre can embody the global and conceptual issue of climate change on a local and personal level.
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  1. Community development
  2. Environment
  3. Rural development
  4. Sustainability
  5. Haarlem
  6. Totnes
  7. Music
  8. Theatre
  9. Story-telling
  10. Workshop
  11. Film

Natalia Eernstman

Encounters Arts Initiative

Totnes, United Kingdom

Titia Bouwmeester


Haarlem, The Netherlands

The connection

"StormSongs": a connection between Totnes (United Kingdom) & Haarlem (The Netherlands)