the gemeenschap

The Gemeenschap

Through the “Gemeenschap”, Nick and Mieke explored each other’s practices in intergenerational work. The Tandem produced a booklet about powerstructures in society based on concerns that were brought forward during a intergenerational workshop in  Den Haag. This booklet was the starting point for a performance with artists from Arcola Theatre at Glastonbury Festival. The project supported their exchange of participatory methods and communication strategies.
  1. Community development
  2. Diversity
  3. Identity
  4. Den Haag
  5. London
  6. Performance
  7. Theatre
  8. Talent development
  9. Workshop
  10. Film

Nick Connaughton

Arcola Theatre Production Company

London, United Kingdom

The connection

"The Gemeenschap": a connection between London (United Kingdom) & Rotterdam (Netherlands)