The Placeholder - Process of Spatial Occupation by Cultural Actors

The Placeholder – alternative funding tactics for European cultural actors

Funding is probably the single most pressing topic for majority of European cultural organisations. The current political and economic conditions offer little support for cultural activity, the instability in art and cultural funding across Europe had left many independent cultiural actors looking for immediate survival strategies. We feel the time is ripe to uncover alternative funding tactics that help actors in arts & culture sector survive in the hard times. We gathered experience from more than 50 cultural actors around Europe and we will offer the complete collection of best advice back to you.
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Zala Velkavrh


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mirja Koponen

The Forest SCIO/Forest Centre Plus

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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"The Placeholder - alternative funding tactics for European cultural actors": a connection between Ljubljana (Slovenia) & Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)

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