Tourism Ambassador

A new step in the revitalization cultural initiative to enhance worldwide cultural exchange, LITD from Lebanon and Animation School from Eygpt are collaborating to provide the most significant cultural heritage impact for Saida City (South Lebanon), focusing on artists building capacity and cultural development, using visual arts and animation solutions.
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Afifa Elsin

Lebanese International for Training and Development

Saida, Lebanon

LITD is a non-political/non-sectarian NGO based in Saida-Lebanon, seeking to promote and to create a culture of peace on every level of society in Lebanon to confront and resolve its humanitarian challenges by promoting volunteerism spirit amongst community components. LITD was established on April 23rd, 2005, and since then, it is working on empowering youth & women to play a positive role in their society throughout building and enhancing capacities, skills and knowledge.

Ibrahim Saad

Animation School - Jesuit Cairo

Cairo, Egypt

The Animation School is an independent visual art initiative, where participants join a shared learning process through sharing experiences, experimenting with alternative methodologies of learning, and acquiring the basics of animation. The school is primarily a human experience, where participants are provided a free platform for self-expression through visual art. Participation is based on complementary teamwork, where artistic productions are achieved Animation school is an affiliate member of "NAAS".

The connection

"Tourism Ambassador": a connection between Saida (Lebanon) & Cairo (Egypt)

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