The group picture
by Mariam Abed el Rahman

Sharing our passion

Afifa Elsin from Lebanese International for Training and Development (LITD), Lebanon, shares thoughts on her Tandem project "Tourism Ambassador". Afifa was working together with Ibrahim Saad from Animation School (Jesuit Cairo) in Egypt.

What do a Lebanese Archaeologist and an Egyptian Animation School Director from Cairo have in common?! A LOT!!

We’re both proud of our rich history and passionate about art, and we both do our best to preserve and promote our cultural heritage. Tandem 360° gave us the opportunity to join forces to share our passion with others.

During an intensive two-weeks workshop participants were introduced to new concepts and learned more about their own cultural heritage, and how to preserve and use it to improve their economic situation. According to the participants “it was an eye-opening experience”. At the end of the training, participants prepared a short animation film using their newly learned skills and shared with us their own vision of the cultural heritage between the two great cities of Sidon and Cairo.

You will be able to watch this film on our social media pages. Also, we prepared a documentary where you can see all the details of this workshop along with the field visits and all the different activities the participants enjoyed.