Tovarishch Gorch Fick

The cooperation started by collecting potential working material: historical and every day stories, urban myths and rumours, images, sound, smell... When we strolled through Kherson, talking about this and that, we found a subject that, in a strange way, connects us: the story of the ship Tovarishch Gorch Fock. We started investigations in Ukraine and Germany, and the story became more and more complex and interesting. With the collected material - interviews, objects; and images - we created a performance that might show a new side of transnational history...
  1. Heritage & Memory
  2. Identity
  3. Urban development
  4. Kherson
  5. Oberhausen
  6. Theatre
  7. Playwriting
  8. Story-telling
  9. Performance

Stella Cristofolini

kitev - Kultur im Turm

Oberhausen, Germany

Mykola Homanyuk

Meyerhold Theatre Centre

Kherson, Ukraine

The connection

"Tovarishch Gorch Fick": a connection between Oberhausen (Germany) & Kherson (Ukraine)