Tunisia-Turkey Express

Tunisia-Turkey Express

Tunisia – Turkey Express unveils views on contemporary Tunisian Art in relation to the power of art as criticism and provides the opportunity for artists from Tunisia to present their work in an international context. In addition to the “Art as a Critical Force” projection, a workshop will be presented based on rich visual material and discussions on the recent development of the Tunisian contemporary art scene after the Revolution.
  1. Community development
  2. Izmir
  3. Sabelet Ben Ammar
  4. Contemporary arts
  5. Artist in Residence
  6. Publication

B’chira Triki

B'chira Art Center

Sabelet Ben Ammar, Tunisia

Tuna Yilmaz

Kultur Departmani

Istanbul, Turkey


The connection

"Tunisia-Turkey Express": a connection between Sabelet Ben Ammar (Tunisia) & Istanbul (Turkey)