Vrolijkheid CAN Co-Create

Our collaboration will explore co-creation within the arts in an inter-cultural setting with people with a refugee background. The result of our inquiry will be a short film that we can use as new training material within both organisations and to inspire other European organisations that work in similar ways.
  1. Diversity
  2. Migration
  3. Organisational development
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Manchester
  6. Performance
  7. Video
  8. Youth
  9. Co-creation
  10. Film

Tom Saal

Stichting de Vrolijkheid

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Vrolijkheid works with children, young people and their parents in refugee centres in the Netherlands, mainly through organising art activities such as theater, poetry photography, film, music and visual art. We create a safe space for the children to express their feelings, dreams, ideas and stories.

Sara Domville

Community Arts North West (CAN)

Manchester, United Kingdom

Community Arts North West is a Manchester-based arts development organisation led by artists and creative producers. We work with diverse communities and artists to create access to cultural production for people that are excluded from or on the fringes of the mainstream.

The connection

"Vrolijkheid CAN Co-Create": a connection between Amsterdam (Netherlands) & Manchester (United Kingdom)

The process