WEsdom: a West-East bridge of knowledge

This TANDEM project is a two level knowledge exchange and capacity development programme between two organisations with different backgrounds: Shevhchenkivskyi Hai (Lviv) and 4iS - Platform for Social Innovation (Aveiro). Throughout a shared learning process both organizations aim to develop one pilot project each - a strategic plan for establishing a cultural hub in Lviv and a roadmap for cooperation with museums in Aveiro, respectively - and a toolbox that will help every other cultural organisation to implement a knowledge exchange programme.
  1. Community development
  2. Organisational development
  3. Aveiro
  4. Lviv
  5. Knowledge exchange
  6. Toolkit

Tiago Vinagre de Castro

4iS – Platform for Social Innovation

Aveiro, Portugal

Ievgen Chervonyi

Shevchenkivskyi Gai

Lviv, Ukraine

The connection

"WEsdom: a West-East bridge of knowledge": a connection between Aveiro (Portugal) & Lviv (Ukraine)