Tandem Ukraine

Tandem Ukraine is based on our belief that, especially in times of crisis and transition, working together on tangible cross-border collaborations supports not only dialogue, but also allows for the development of new forms of civic engagement, enabling a process of social transformation.

Tandem Ukraine засновано на нашій вірі, що, особливо в часи кризи та транзитного періоду, спільна робота над реальною транскордонною співпрацею не лише підтримує діалог, але і сприяє розвитку нових форм громадянської активності, що уможливлює процес соціальної трансформації.

Stories & Collaborations

Tandem Ukraine Academy 2018 Call for Application

Tandem Ukraine Academy is a pilot programme, initiated together with Tandem Ukraine alumni in order to support Ukrainian organisations with...

14th District

  • Eduardo Cassina metamatic:taf
  • Tetiana Tsybulnyk 86
Tandem Ukraine Plzen 2014 (2)

Tandem Ukraine 2014-15

Tandem Ukraine offers a platform for collaborations between cultural actors to strengthen their capacities in community development and conflict resolution...
Tandem Moldova 2012 Festival (7)

Tandem Moldova-Ukraine-EU 2011-12

The first Tandem scheme was launched in 2011-2012 and fostered cultural cooperation between the EU, Ukraine and Moldova. In May...

Tips & Tricks Placements

The following tips & tricks to work on Tandem placements have been collected by Tandem Ukraine participants. Getting ready for...

Reflections of conflict – Sloviansk & Belfast

  • David Boyd Beat Carnival
  • Mykhailo Glubokyi IZOLYATSIA Platform for Cultural Initiatives


  • Juliane Rahn CADAM
  • Kotryna Valiukeviciute Laboratory of socio-spatial experimentation 54°+
  • Nataliia Yeromenko Roșa Collective

Tandem Ukraine is an initiative of MitOst e.V and UNAEDI and is supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Cultural Foundation.

This Tandem programme builds on the experience of the pilot scheme Tandem Ukraine – EU – Moldova (2011-2012) and is implemented in the framework of the MitOst/UNAEDI project “Dialogue for Change” that aims to strengthen civil society actors in Ukraine.

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  • Monica Tranchych
  • Project Manager Tandem Ukraine at MitOst