a moment from Al-Badil workshops, by Elsa Lafaye
a moment from Al-Badil workshops, by Elsa Lafaye

Amplifying Voices, Unleashing Creativity: Empowering Professionals in the Cultural Sphere

Dhafer Amine from Al-Badil shares an article about the Impact Experiment in Tunisia, implemented as part of the Tandem Amwaj programme.

As part of a global vision of Al-Badil and Tandem Amwaj, the idea was born of a transformative initiative that aims to empower young professionals working in the fields of culture and creative industries, encompassing artists, creatives and cultural entrepreneurs. They will have the opportunity to cultivate personal and innovative projects that revolve around local heritage in various artistic fields, including visual arts, heritage fields, literary arts, digital arts, performing arts and many more other areas.

Basically, the overarching objective of the project is to promote deeper cultural integration within Tunisian society. Serving as a catalyst for a dynamic cultural and artistic movement, it seeks to embrace creativity, experimentation and diversity. By recognizing and harnessing the value of local heritage, the project strives to involve the wider community in the creative process, fostering a shared sense of pride and belonging.

This transformational enterprise will be meticulously executed through a series of structured phases. First, a comprehensive open call will be announced, inviting multidisciplinary teams from five distinct regions of Tunisia to submit project proposals closely related to cultural heritage. These proposals should be inspired by the unique local cultures of each region.

Once the teams have been carefully selected, the project will move on to an immersive training phase. This crucial step will provide the selected teams with the essential tools and skills to effectively manage and carry out their cultural projects. Professionals in the field will serve as mentors and supervisors, offering guidance and support throughout the process. In addition, the active involvement of civil society will provide an invaluable external perspective, contributing to the progress of projects.

Once the training is complete, the project will enter the implementation phase, where the five selected projects will come to life. Over a period of four months, teams will engage in the tangible realization of their creative visions, benefiting from ongoing mentorship and assistance from a dedicated team of professionals. This collaborative framework will encourage experimentation, nurture creativity and maintain the inherent value of the creative process.

Finally, the completion of the projects will be celebrated in public event. This opportunity will serve as a platform to showcase the cultural legacies explored throughout the project, allowing young professionals to present their work, both the process and the result, to a wider audience. In addition, a public debate will be organized, promoting dialogue and critical examination of the role of culture as a catalyst for economic and social development.

The impact of the project is expected to reach a wide range of beneficiaries, including artists, the art scene, civil society, experts, the general public, inhabitants of the target regions, media representatives and public authorities. Emphasising inclusiveness, the selection process will prioritise the active participation of women, ensuring balanced gender representation within teams, as well as among experts and supervisors.

by Elsa Lafaye
by Elsa Lafaye

By actively involving and engaging the wider community, the Impact experience aims to enhance cultural practices for civic participation. The project aims to amplify traditionally unknown voices, shed light on marginalised topics or spaces, and promote social inclusion. In addition, it recognises and addresses the social, economic and environmental challenges faced by disadvantaged populations, by providing educational opportunities, essential resources and decentralised cultural initiatives.