TRAKEN team of Tandem Amwaj in Tunisia
TRAKEN team of Tandem Amwaj in Tunisia

Harmonizing Heritage: The TREKEN Project’s Musical Journey Through Southern Tunisia

Our Tandem Amwaj partner organisation Al-Badil shares an article about the recent developments of the programme in Tunisia.

The TREKEN project, led by artists Aymen Goubaa and Arij Jaouachi under the Tandem programme implemented in Tunisia by Al Badil-Alternative Culturelle, embarked on a fascinating journey through the traditional musical landscapes of southern Tunisia. The project aimed to uncover the musical treasures of various regions, engage with local artists, and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Tunisia’s rich musical heritage.

Launching in Gafsa

The adventure began in Gafsa, a city renowned for its historical and cultural significance. The first workshop, held at the Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts, introduced students to the world of music production. Under the expert guidance of Aymen Goubaa and Arij Jaouachi, participants delved into the basics of studio recording and sound techniques, setting the stage for future artistic endeavors.

In the afternoon, the project hosted a podcast session near the Roman basin of Gafsa. This engaging discussion brought together students, musicology teachers, and local artists to explore regional musical heritage from various perspectives. The session culminated in a jam session where young artists performed a song from their local heritage, creating an inspiring and collaborative atmosphere. Check it out!

Journey to Kébili

The TREKEN team then traveled to Kébili, an oasis in the heart of the Tunisian desert. Here, a similar workshop was held for the local youth, providing them with an opportunity to learn recording and production techniques in a warm and authentic setting. The workshop buzzed with creativity and excitement as participants immersed themselves in the technical aspects of music production.

A highlight of the visit to Kébili was another podcast session that united the local musical community. Mr. Khalifa Ghrissi, a prominent member of the Kébili Hadhra, and Mr. Amar Zhiou, the community elder, added depth to the discussions. Some young local artists like Hazar Arbi and Fidaa Ghrissi also joined the session and engaged in the performances, showcasing the vibrant musical traditions of the region.

Culmination in Gabès

The final point of the TREKEN journey was in Gabès, a lively coastal city known for its cultural diversity. A workshop at the Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts brought together artists from various backgrounds and levels of experience. Participants explored the possibilities of music production under the guidance of Aymen Goubaa and Arij Jaouachi, experimenting with new techniques and creative approaches. The workshop fostered a collaborative spirit, encouraging artists to push their creative boundaries and share their passion for music.

All in all, the TREKEN project not only highlighted the rich musical heritage of southern Tunisia but also fostered a sense of community and creative exchange. By engaging with local artists and providing educational opportunities, the project aimed to preserve and revitalize Tunisia’s musical traditions for future generations. More than 50 young artists participated in the workshops, podcasts, and jam sessions, reflecting the project’s broad impact and success in fostering artistic growth and collaboration. Through workshops, discussions, and performances, TREKEN created an inspiring platform for artists to connect, learn, and celebrate the diverse musical tapestry of Tunisia.