by Amine Houari
by Amine Houari

Impact Experiment of Think Tanger in Morocco: StudioCity

Houda Bouassab, a project coordinator at Think Tanger, tells about the Impact Experiment they are implementing in Tangier, Morocco, as part of the Tandem Amwaj programme.

The StudioCity Programme

Our project addresses the very issue of stigmatization of the excluded urban areas in Tangier, especially within young people aged from 13 to 25, who represent about 60% of the Bir Chifa neighborhood. The StudioCity is an outreach program created by Think Tanger that fosters community engagement and collaboration in suburban Tangier. The program brings together artists, designers, architects, researchers, and community organizations to develop projects and artistic installations; in order to provide a safe and inclusive space for participants to express themselves through various artistic mediums, such as painting, sculpture, photography, and performance art. By tapping into their creative potential, participants gain a sense of agency and discover new ways of engaging with their surroundings. Moreover, Think Tanger adopts a social participative approach, we aim to involve the community in the process of understanding and interacting with their environment.

Over the years, we have developed a large portfolio of many artists from different backgrounds around the world. In fact, we make sure to establish the connection between the neighborhood community and our network of artists so they can decide by themselves what aspect they are interested in improving without imposing an external perspective. For instance, we organized a series of workshops where the community showed an interest in journalism and radio programs so we made podcasting and radio techniques on the head of our plan, also photography which encouraged them to rethink the changes that were happening around them in a period of time. In the end, they succeed to record their own broadcast; a fantasy about the future of Birchifa in 2100.

It is quite difficult to measure the social impact in a cultural platform; StudioCity’s Creative Workshops not only change the participant’s perception of the city but also equip them with valuable skills. Through hands-on activities and mentorship, participants develop artistic techniques, critical thinking abilities, and project management skills. These newfound skills empower them to pursue creative endeavors, advocate for their rights, and contribute to the urban development of Tangier.